Chrisland School Adult’s Bedroom Scandal – Before Her Mother Whips Up Stupid, Senseless And Needless Emotions…
The 10 year old Chrisland school girl who was caught in an adult’s bedroom activity already has a social media handle on “Likee” with over 4,134 followers.

She regularly posts her self-recorded erotic content on the page. She has posted more than 526 videos and one of the videos got over 24k likes. Just so you know. Likee is a relatively new social media app/platform dominated by teenagers.
Her handle is called “bhadgurl4k – which in simple English translate to… (bad girl f**k). Wasn’t that she precisely demonstrated in the shameful viral video?

Curiously, reliable multiple checks have revealed that the videos posted by the girl were recorded in her home. So, where was dear mummy playing victim cards and crying shamelessly in the public for help she never was to her little girl? Funny how she thoughtlessly alleged gang molestation of her daughter.

This little but really scary one decade old girl titles her “Likee” page “madness and cringe”. Wondering who perhaps was not Mad or Cringed at watching the adult’s bedroom activity of the girl?

Investigative Report Credited To: Citizen Agba Jalingo.

GDRStation Open Letter To The Modern Society_PERSONIFIED
Please might you simply change your ways and stop forcing procreation on your young men and women? Either or not in marriage, if they do not wish to give birth to kids, please be kind to respect their opinions and allow them live their lives.

Quite a whole number of people have forcefully agreed to get married, not because they wanted the union, but most have done so or forced into marriages not for them but for the society_PERSONIFIED.
Some of those young men and women emotionally blackmailed into unions they never wanted knew they do not have even the minimum it takes to be in marriage. They were aware of the stress beneath the bliss and they simply did not wish to get into the marital circle. They did not wish to go through all that pregnancy and child birth demands, plus more involved in raising children which absolutely require total dedication, concentrations, deprivations of what they are personally entitled to etc.

Most young men and women today in marriage knew if they told you their true minds, you “THE SOCIETY” will be so quick to label them and call them names and names that makes only you happy while they are sad that their personal opinions were not respected.

Therefore, they would pretend they completely agreed with your mere societal views about how they should live their lives. Only for them to get into the real deal and begin to doing all they originally have strength to deal with.

This probably is why you have mummies inside of you “THE SOCIETY” with no motherhood traits, and likewise situation of baby daddies everywhere with zero responsibility on innocent children they fathered just to make you happy. The reality is; modern mummies just don’t want to be bothered. So they are careless about how their own children live their lives. They really love to do other things outside parenting or parenthood, but you forced them into the responsibility and products of the situation they never wanted became troubles to you “THE SOCIETY” and it’s never funny how you quickly turnaround to blame and blackmail your young men and women for how much you “THE SOCIETY” have been so desecrated with social vises.

If your young men and women do not wish to procreate, please be kind to respect their personal opinions which probably was because they already knew they cannot cope with the demands of procreation. Do not as a resort tag them failure. Do not treat them differently. Don’t make them feel bad about themselves. If only you “THE SOCIETY” respect their opinions and really show them sincere love. Most likely down the livelihood road they would have a renewed opinion, but not on your own needless pressure and emotional blackmail.

Dear SOCIETY, even if it is just one child your young men and women feel they are willing to have and simply capable to cater for, please do not begin to asking when are they going to conceive again to have maybe the second, third or more and more. Rather than giving birth to many that troubles you “THE SOCIETY”, please let your young men and women have just enough they can conveniently deal with.
Enough of the careless parents of the wayward children involved in never heard of behaviors in the little ones. If he does not wish to have a child, so be it. If she do not want to have more than one child, so be it. Please respect the opinions of others toward making the world a better place.

It is never about financial strength of your young men and women. It is more about the will, wish and want about procreation. Please Save The World. Enough of the unthinkable in children, youths and young adults.



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