A broadcast station for the new generation is GREAT DREAMS RADIO, connecting the past rich cultural values to linking the future through radio communication services. GDRStation is poised to PROMOTING IDEAL VALUES through the Quality Broadcast Contents of our creative programming.

The broadcasting services of GREAT DREAMS RADIO are fully committed to providing the public with both the local and global goings as related to the useful information, good education, conscious entertainment with a great touch of inspiration and motivations round the clock.

At the United States of America in 2015, GDRStation launched operations to PROMOTING IDEAL VALUES and the Broadcast Station For The New Generation had since rocked steady and progressively the global online airwaves till date.

GREAT DREAMS RADIO is designed to being the choice communication platform, especially for the fresh blood with the keen interest in the business of Broadcast Journalism. We open the room of wide range opportunities to the young and enthusiastic Broadcast Journalism major, aimed at helping every talent showcase their individual gift towards serving their community proficiently, and either makes a good living using their innate ability/capability on the job.

The variety of our irresistible Quality Broadcast Contents cut across Motivations/Inspirations, Business/Career, Contemporary Music, Love Life/Marital Matters, Throw Back Musicals, Community Social Life, The Religious Values and more related.

The humble brain behind “Project GDRStation” believes that it absolutely takes a vibrant and talented Team to make every Dream a reality. Hence, Sulaimon Salam Bamidele ‘A.K.A’ THE GREAT SSB roots on tirelessly for the young generation ‘youths’ to being in charge towards making the desired future a better deal that works best for the world.

Individuals strongly instrumental to the reality of GREAT DREAMS RADIO Station on global internet airwaves are Mr. Ronnie Sodiq Amin, Mrs. Betty Hassan-Amin [transitioned 5 years after], Chief Alani Akintoye, Mrs. Tosin Taiwo ‘A.K.A’ TOSINGER, Mr. Kevin Nnwakwor, Chief Kayode Kuforiji and Mr. Akinjide Akinboye.

GREAT DREAMS RADIO in its professional responsibilities airs balanced useful news information, good education, conscious entertainment with a touch of inspiration and motivation, plus more related to PROMOTING IDEAL VALUES all round the clock.

To providing people and the community with useful information, good education, conscious entertainment with a great touch of inspiration and motivation.

Serving as a viable source providing useful information through creatively crafted educating and entertaining broadcast contents for all, and also Promoting the Ideal Values of great local cultural heritage of the people and the community on a global view.